14 September – 16 October 2021

See the work in the exhibition ‘Beacon’ here.

Touching on subjects close to his heart, this solo exhibition of new paintings by Euan McGregor, ‘Beacon’ explores the marginal spaces of the land, echoes of the past, modernist architecture, colour, light and an element of nostalgia.

Along side is our ‘Autumn Selection’ group show. Our exhibition page has all the details for forthcoming exhibitions, Judi and I look forward to welcoming you back. All works available to discover, choose and purchase online.

We are always available to answer any questions, you can contact us on our gallery mobile 07496 953471 or email, info@tregonygallery.com, and of course we’re always open for online sales.

‘Myth + Memory’
Victoria Atkinson and Sara Lee Roberts.


Mark Dunford ‘Into The Light’,
Hardback Book available to purchase.

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