Into The Light

Mark Dunford LG,
Dr Elisabeth Reissner,
Brian Green,
Judi Green.

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Hardback Book

Tregony Gallery

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80 pp, 61 colour plates

30 x 23.5 cm

Into The Light, with a new essay by Dr Elisabeth Reissner, Associate Lecturer for the Curating the Art Museum MA at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London. The essay focuses on Dunford's Cornish landscapes, Reissner’s interest is partly personal as she finds Mark’s response to the landscape particularly beautiful and meditative, enabling the painter to see more and to convey something of that expanded and deepened experience to the viewer.

Dunford explains ‘Sustained looking and drawing with paint, is a way I can communicate what I have seen and felt. I am driven by how beautiful something looks and the pictures try to balance observation, invention and imagination’.

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