Yonatan Becker lives and works in his studio in Tel Aviv.

He paints with a wooden box on his knees. Canvases that are mounted on wood and cardboard which he paints using a palette knife and also brushes.

Yonatan paints from direct observation, often plein air on deserted beaches, capturing the spirit and essence of a landscape or subject often from his imagination incorporating natural light, colour and movement into his work.

Working in multiple techniques including using hot wax, pigments and stucco.

His paintings often focus on a single figure, a woman with a cat, a child with a bird, there is no narrative but the paintings evoke scenes from an untold story. The interactions between the figures are 'moments' where feelings and movements of the body are the main subject.

Deaing with the materiality and the thickness of the wax, acrylic and the strength of the pigments helps Yonatan resolve his work.
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