David who is originally from Yorkshire attended Wakefield School of Art studying Advertising and Graphic Design in the sixties and for the next forty years worked as an Art/Creative Director mainly at Saatchi and Saatchi and J. Walter Thompson where he was made Head of Art, he took painting courses when he could, mainly at the Slade and retired from advertising in 2010 to become a full time painter. Since 2010 he has exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Show, The Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Exhibition, The National Open Arts Competition, The Surrey Artists Exhibition, The New English Arts Club and The Tregony Gallery.

" I’m a measurer, I like to leave evidence of my plotting and measuring and sometimes my mistakes, it’s the scaffolding to my painting and without it it would all fall down. The subject could be anything, it’s exciting seeing something I like and I can’t wait to set it up.  An electric plug that reminds me of Battersea Power Station, a beautiful watering can shouting paint me, take me home and  paint me now! I’m definitely influenced by my years working as an art director. 

I like all the great artists but at the moment I’m fascinated by the English painters, William Coldstream, Victor Pascoe, Rodrigo Moynihan, Christopher Chamberlain, Victor Willing, Euan Uglow and Patrick George and I hope to spend the next forty years painting.”
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