Gregory Ward initially studied teaching at the Froebel Institute where he became interested in painting. He then went to the Byam Shaw School of Art followed by Post graduate studies at the Slade School of Fine Art in 1981-83. While at the Byam Shaw and the Slade he was granted a number of awards and scholarships including the Ernest Jackson Memorial award, a Leverhulme Scholarship and the Jubilee Scholarship. After post graduate studies Gregory went to America on a Boise Travelling scholarship and a year later he was awarded the Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation Award.

Gregory has continued painting ever since leaving art school and has been involved in part time teaching for a large part of his life, mainly at Byam Shaw UAL where he was an Associate Lecturer, a Senior Lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University and a tutor at The Prince’s Drawing School (now the Royal Drawing School) as well as various short courses at the Slade Summer School, The RA and UCL.
In 2012 Gregory stopped teaching and moved from London to Devon in order to spend more time painting. He is mainly involved with making paintings of landscapes, paintings of interiors and still lives. He has exhibited widely and has work in public and private collections.

“I paint from direct observation or from drawings which are also made from direct observation.
The main thing about painting for me is the journey I make inside my head whether I am working on a painting or looking at paintings.
In my work I try to organise the multitude of phenomenological imperatives ‘out there’ and on the canvas itself by connecting and integrating them into the process of painting.”
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