The human body is the most complex and beautiful form in nature. It's not the nude figure that I’m looking for, but the abstract sculptural form in space.

I’m a figurative painter, I use oil paints on canvas and paper.

Under the influence of artists of the past and contemporary, I create a unique vision that comes to life on the canvas, as I am searching beyond the figure, looking for vitality, depth and individuality.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, models from all over the world moved to the Zoom platform, a unique technology for the time in which we are living.

This medium allowed me to bring models from America, England, and Spain straight to my private studio.


I live and work in Israel and studied for four years at the Jerusalem Studio School, founded by Israel Hershberg, spending two summers painting landscapes in Italy.

My works have been sold to private collectors from around the world
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