John was born in Nottinghamshire, studying painting and graphic design at Nottingham College of Art in the 1960’s.
He now lives in rural Warwickshire, just about as far from the sea as you can get. This doesn’t stop him from making frequent to Cornwall and he is often to be found sketching in and around St Mawes and Falmouth. In his paintings he likes his ships and boats to move and this effects how he gathers his reference material. This is added too whenever possible, often with no time for a sketch, but always with time for the camera to record.
He has continued to be inspired over the last ten years by sail, ships and the sea. The breadth of his maritime imagery and experience is continually expanding, always believing that his next marine painting might be his best.

John produces his prints in un-numbered editions of 8, there are often further prints available of those marked as sold. Please contact the gallery before making an online purchase.

John uses a print technique known as Chine Collé that allows you to add additional colours and shapes to your prints without making another linocut block. Chine Collé also gives you the opportunity to print on finer and more delicate papers which are bonded onto a more sturdy paper during the printing process. Japanese papers are often used. Chine-collé roughly translates from French as “chine” meaning  tissue, and “collé” meaning glue or paste.

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