We currently have no works on display in the gallery by Josephine but do check back for future new works from her.

I see my studio as a laboratory and my painting as a continual experiment. I use the world I find around me as my subject matter. I like to try to “un- know” the subject in my painting, because ultimately, I would like the representation of the “subject” in my painting, to speak only for and of itself. I actually began this experimental quest, working with 16mm film. I felt at home with images, because I found that they can possess realms of possibilities of meanings. There is no end to how one can read an image.

The painter or film maker can direct, or manipulate the viewer , through the imagery, to follow a certain direction, but more interestingly, the image can also be directed to offer only a suggestion, a proposition, so the eventual “ outcome” or lack thereof, ultimately is dependent upon the psychology of the individual viewer.

When the imagery suggests, it is then that the viewer becomes engaged. This is why I have fallen in love with the world of paintings, images and films.
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