Sara trained at the Byam Shaw School of Art. She also studied Chemical Physics at Sussex University and trained as a restorer at the Hamilton Kerr Institute, Cambridge. After working on paintings in the Wallace Collection and the Royal Collection, she moved to Paris where she started painting full time and showing her work. Her early work showed a particular interest in the creation of light and space within the confines of observational painting. Her work from this period is in many private and public
collections including Jesus College Cambridge, Unilever and Charterhouse
Securities. In 1999 she won the Discerning Eye Chairman’s prize. In 2008 Sara gained a scholarship to study full time at the Royal Drawing School on their Drawing Year.
At the end of this year she won the Paintings in Hospitals prize. Her work moved away from straight observational painting and towards working from memory, from drawings and from paintings of other artists. She is now also making purely abstract work and seeks a synergy between the figurative and the abstract.

Sara teaches at the Royal Drawing School and at the Wallace Collection.

“ When I work, I am looking for the moment at which, in either abstract or figurative work, the image emerges as a presence – a person, or a space and a light – which I can only recognise at the moment it reveals itself to me in paint. “
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