Nicole’s painting practice is concerned with the captured moment and the relationship of the onlooker to the work in bringing their personal experiences, memory, and imagination to the viewing experience. She collects family photos and film-stills and from these she photocopies, splices, collages and draws to select the visual information for the paintings.

The work from photographs is often small scale, painted on aluminium plates to create a more intimate viewing experience. In contrast the paintings from film references are slightly larger reflecting the immersive feeling of television and cinema. The paintings have a tension created from the ambiguity and unreachable narrative in the images.

Nicole studied at Leeds University, Heatherley’s, and Wimbledon College of Arts (UAL) for her MFA and more recently at the Turps Banana Painting Programme. Her work has been exhibited regularly in group exhibitions including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Lynn Painter–Stainers, the ING Discerning Eye, Paper Cuts at the Saatchi Gallery, the SWA and the RWA. She was a finalist in the 2019 Ingram Prize.


“I am interested in the painting capturing,  reflecting and marking moments in time.”
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