Over time my paintings have evolved in recognising the importance of how chance and an instinctive approach to mark- making play a major role in producing emotional effects. There are many ways to achieve the results that contribute to this end.

My preferred method is to explore with different methods of application to the canvas surface, using not only brush and knife but other material that can transfer paint either thickly or thinly to the canvas. An important part of my development is to draw into the wet paint that gives the painting a certain structure or as I like to call it scaffolding, but it is important that the lines are considered very carefully in the sense that they do not look manufactured and without the nervous energy required. Sometimes the lines are partially covered with the next application of paint or score the areas of paint.
A movement that is necessary for the best results is one that relies on an instinctive  approach by the hand rather than the eye. The distance at which one stands away from the canvas to paint or draw is important to the instinctive approach, my personal way is to draw into the paint from a distance where I cannot see the whole of the work, but only what I am drawing into.

At other times standing a distance away can be the means of measuring the balance of the whole with small adjustments made by scraping off or an
emphasis applied with further contrast or tonal adjustment.
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