We currently have no works on display in the gallery by Karen McEndoo but do check back for future new works from her.

Karen McEndoo studied Graphics and Illustration in Taunton but more recently has moved toward abstraction. She spends much of her time walking the North and South Cornish and Devon coastlines, the wild cliffs and rich colours reviving memories of Africa which are often reflected in her work.


“Many artists find the idea of a blank canvas daunting and I am no exception. My first task is to break the whiteness by putting down a base colour which, because of the nature of my work, shines through and becomes an intrinsic part, uniting the picture as a whole.
It is rare that I plan the picture, the antithesis of what was drummed into me at college, preferring instead to allow the work to develop its own language. Colour is everything to me and I spend a good deal of time mixing the hues and tones until I have arrived at a coherent palette, something I find a genuine pleasure.
The rest is generally, albeit an oxymoron, ordered chaos. Whilst working it is important for me is to disengage the thinking brain and allow instinct to take over, this can often take a good while to achieve but once you get there it is from where the very best work is born.
The act of placing paint onto any surface is rich in possibilities but every bit as fraught with challenges and frustration. Herein lies the crux of the exciting nature of painting, the never knowing what will arrive before you.
My painting approach is in a constant state of flux, to paint in the same style would be purgatory.
I believe it vital for any artist to constantly explore, make mistakes, rescue or even discard your work.
Above all allow yourself to arrive, exhausted and paint spattered, in the painting.”
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