We currently have no works on display in the gallery by Henry but do check back for future new works from him.

Henry Jabbour trained in the visual arts in Edinburgh and New York where he obtained a Master of Fine Art in Painting and Printmaking. ‘Printmaking, whether lithography, etching or monotypes is an integral part of my art making practice - printmaking frees me and enriches my processes when I am painting with oils’ he explains.

Henry has exhibited widely in the UK as well as in Paris, Beirut, and New York. He has won several awards and his work is in private collections around the world. Henry was the recipient of  The Davison Award for Oil Painting and The Winsor and Newton Painting Award at the Royal Society of British Artists, 2019 and in 2020 elected a member of The Royal Society of British Artists.

Henry’s work generally focuses on the human figure. He is interested in the emotive qualities of body gesture, colour and mark making. His work is a quest to subvert the specific in search for the universal. Each piece is a search beyond mere appearance, attempting to connect the vulnerability, fragility and impermanence of the individual with a sense of common and shared humanity. 

Henry’s work embraces both the familiar and the unexpected. Although much of his work has a biographical element, his intention is that each piece develops a visual presence that is independent of him, or his original artistic intentions, so that the viewer can continue the search that he has initiated.

"My work is very intuitive and relies on observation, past memory of emotions, people or places. Using both colour and form I am attempting to explore the human condition with all its strengths and frailties. I hope for the viewer to respond to my work at a deeper level -- a level that can connect them with their own memories, experiences and intuitions."
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