My working practice as a ceramic sculptor is changing and I have made a conscious decision to focus on a more sculptural approach, studying the form in relationship to the surface with more clarity.

I use my studio location, based in the grounds of a historical steam museum to inform my practice, absorbing the industrial heritage surrounding me, it has been a significant element when developing ideas.

I am fascinated by constructivist assemblages and the pioneers of abstract art - Hans Arp, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Victor Pasmore and Kurt Schwitters have all made a great impression on me. I find the varied and experimental approach to their work inspirational.

I am a dedicated hand builder and revel in how ideas develop out of process, experiments with materials and techniques. I will often create a series of small sculptural forms that serve as working maquettes. (This way of working has influenced my approach to teaching and devising practical workshops. It has always been an important part of my creative life. Sharing ideas with others, passing on skills and techniques is something that I enjoy.)

Recently I have been drawn to a more minimal and reductive strategy, simplifying the structures, but constantly enhancing and developing the surface. It is crucial that the surfaces I achieve envelop my ceramic forms and are integral to the whole. I find great enjoyment and creative impulse through making collections and arranging man made and natural forms. The discipline of drawing, my continuous studies and a renewed passion for printmaking, are all essential components.

I seek to catch the eye but hold the form in my sculptural pieces and strive to and achieve a balance and fluidity between intuition, craft and concept in clay.

Claire has recently published a book 'Surface Decoration for Ceramics: A Creative Guide'

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