We currently have no works on display in the gallery by Dana Finch but do check back for future new works from her. Dana Finch has been painting all her life and graduated from Dartington College of Arts in 1996. She then moved to Oxford, where she was an active member of Magdalen Road Studios, and then on to London where she became a member of South London Women Artists, exhibiting in group shows at the Bankside Gallery, Dulwich Library, Dulwich Festival and other venues in London. In 2015 she moved to Cornwall where she has a studio at Trewidden, near Penzance. Her current work is influenced by her travels, especially to desert landscapes and the gardens of Spain.


“In my paintings I am examining my relationship with the natural world, and my place within it. We don’t see in frames when we really experience the world, we look around and different things capture our attention in a non-linear way.

So my work consciously tries to undo the conventions of perspective, and to allow different forms emphasis according to a pictorial logic, rather than a representational one. I try to inhabit the space I am trying to convey, to immerse myself in a memory of a place, a journey, a topographical awareness. I hope this will resonate with the viewer and that they may recognize their own experience of nature in my work.

Each painting is a slow layering and editing process until I feel I have evoked a sense of place and mystery. I try to strike a balance between describing the bold forms of plant life and nature, and a lightness of brushstroke that simply enjoys the paint”.
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