“I am inspired by the past and the renditions of the future. I have a degree in archaeology and am driven by the hope that I will be able to leave the world with a greater abundance of material beauty. I hope to create objects that inspire stories, interpretation, and imagination, regardless of the passage of time. I have spent the majority of my life working in the trades. I am a trained carpenter and cabinet maker. I currently live in Wyoming where the open landscape and relative isolation drives the escapism present in my work”.

Chandler McLellan was born 1993 and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. His higher education was completed in Scotland where he obtained his BA in Archaeology. After returning to the US he trained in carpentry and fine woodworking and in 2018 he used his knowledge of woodworking to express himself creatively.

Chandler's sculptures are inspired by ancient cultures, architecture and robust natural formations, where his aim is to create pieces of art that will stand the test of time and withstand any absolute definition.

Please contact us about commissions and editions of sold pieces.
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