We currently have no works on display in the gallery by Meg but do check back for future new works from her. Meg has lived in Rome, Leeds and London and is currently based in Bristol. She completed her Post-Graduate at the Royal Drawing School.  She specialises in Painting and Printmaking, with drawing always at the core of her practice. She was has been awarded various travel scholarships to Italy and Spain which have enabled her to deepen her relationship to drawing from life and from art. In 2018 Flowers Gallery included her in its long-running West End exhibition programme "Artist of the Day", where works have been selected by leading contemporary artists since 1983. Her images emerge through on on-going conversation between drawing, painting and printmaking. As a Printmaker she seeks the processes which offer the most ephemeral and painterly marks - Lithography and Aquatint Etching.

"My works are a way of exploring the archetypal and symbolic associations drawn from our very ancient relationship with the natural world. I am fascinated by the power of imagery to evoke a deep sense of emotion and connection with the ancient, mysterious, or eternal."
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