John Brenton is an artist who prefers to paint from life using oils, the subject matter is the motivation of the painting for most artists and the principal aim in each work is to express a personal response to a landscape. His work is directed towards meeting the challenge of painting the awe-inspiring beauty of the rugged Cornish coastline where he was born and raised.


“The focus and specific direction of natural light and how it illuminates the landscape is the vital starting point for my initial explorative approach to painting. Much of my primary observation is centred on the inherent contrasting existing linear occurrences within a location which subsequently form the emerging compositional markers in the development of a work. Examples of which are static and mobile evidential forms such as hedgerows; rock fissures; and breaking waves which all contribute to my purpose and inspiration when starting a new painting.”

“ I am chiefly concerned with the depiction and evocation of a chosen place and the effect on the viewer as well as myself rather than endeavouring to capture a specific moment in time. “

“ The potential textural qualities that can be exploited when using my chosen medium oil paint, facilitates my inherent preference of technique. With bold brush strokes and scumbled hue over ridged thick sublayers I enjoy immensely the richness of the medium and a more loosely rendered response employing a combination of palette knife and brush whilst working ‘ wet on wet ‘ is a deeply satisfying practise.”
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