Drawing and painting from her immediate environment Virginia Bounds is witness to the intangibles of shadow of light. Through the artist’s immersion in the process of looking and responding, mixing and arranging material onto a surface she constructs and deconstructs with colour and shape until the manifestation of something new and unimagined arises. There are no fixed point for the eye to rest/be still in her works but movement and rhythm, in an ambiguous space that remind an audience that the works are observed from a life constantly in motion.

Virginia Bounds trained as a nurse before taking off hitch- hiking in different parts of the world, before returning to study Fine Art at Falmouth College of Art.  Those experiences of the unknown, of what may happen or where she could end inform her practise today. Until recently she was based in the historic Anchor Studio in Newlyn, Cornwall, before moving to her new studio in St Ives.
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