Touching on subjects close to his heart, this solo exhibition of new paintings by Euan McGregor explores the marginal spaces of the land, echoes of the past, modernist architecture, colour, light and an element of nostalgia.

A common focus of Euan McGregor’s work is the lighthouse. Using these structures to show not only their utilitarian nature but also how they connect with our coastal extremities as an island nation. Lighthouses have formed a ring of protection around the UK for thousands of years - from lit beacons to early Roman structures. In this series of paintings McGregor depicts the familiar structures with a reverential quality and spotlights their site-specific nature, painstakingly engineered to fit their often hostile environments.

Ominous, erratic seascapes met with unwavering solidity and safety is a dream juxtaposition for an artist like McGregor. Using highly contrasted lighting he emphasises the features and facets of the environment and draws us into the comforting sight of a lighthouse and the relief of entering a safe harbour. This sentiment is so resonant with our lives today as some of us enjoy the return of some of our cherished routines and pleasures while others are setting out into the unknown.

 A show catalogue for 'Beacon' is available, please contact the gallery if you would like to receive a copy.

Alongside ... we are very excited to present a wonderful hand built collection of ceramic sculptures and wall mounted constructions from gallery artist Claire Ireland. Claire's work uses a variety of materials, experimental firing and decorative techniques. A dedicated hand builder who's sculptures achieve a balance and fluidity between intuition, craft and concept in clay.

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