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"Artist Judi Green and her partner Brian took over the well-established but quite traditionally oriented Tregony Gallery in Cornwall some four years ago and turned it into what good contemporary gallerists with a bit of venture and commitment in their bones could hope to achieve in the promotion of what I sometimes like to term 'proper painting'. Maybe not so hard to do in St Ives with its huge Tate St Ives primed audience but much harder work in a small holiday town. With younger painters like Mark Dunford, Kay Vinson and Sarah Spackman, trained in such places as the RCA, Slade, Camberwell and the Royal Drawing School, they have evolved a 'house style' of contemporary figuration that stretches from Uglow/Coldstream 'structured' observation to the more fluidly expressive and abstracted. Whatever it has been, it has really worked and they are still very much Cornwall based, but now another adventurous move is afoot with a January exhibition tie up with London After Nyne Gallery. Entitled 'Assemble' it brings together  a complete cross-section of Tregony's roster of artists along with a series of artists' talks over two weekends and all nicely timed to coincide with the London Art Fair. In a comparatively quietish month exhibition wise, they're showing London how to do it ".

Nicolas Usherwood, Galleries Magazine


until 28th February 2019.

Reassemble will introduce our impressive contemporary artists to a new audience and share our distinctive vision and approach to curating and collecting art.

Reassemble brings together a group of artists for whom observation and appearance is the touchstone of their practice and is rendered through their diverse perspectives and modes of expression. 

Artists include Jennifer Pochinski, Dean Fisher, Josephine Robinson from America, members of the prestigious artist collective The London Group, faculty and alumni from the Slade School of Fine Art, Camberwell, Royal College of Art and the Royal Drawing School. Cornish artists Mark Dunford, Dana Finch, Kay Vinson, John Brenton, Judi Green, Karen McEndoo, David Moore, Tom Leaper, Bridget Macklin and invited guest artists.

Each artist possesses something different about how they measure and interpret the world. Mark Dunford, Sarah Spackman and Kay Vinson construct their visual experience through the composition of subject matter and the relationship to the space around them. Whilst David Moore, Karen McEndoo and Dana Finch engage the viewer using fluid washes of colour, abstracted form and expressive brushwork to create reimagined landscapes. 

In Reassemble Daniel Preece confronts the viewer with a deep stillness surveying the balance of structural form and interrelated planes of colour, finding a counterpoint in Euan McGregor’s facets of tone that narrate the human feeling and representations of Cornish sites.


'Light Source'
March 2019

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