item1Leonie Stanton

My work aims to harness my fascination with the physicality of Nature; the monumental scale, solidity and quiet, distilling recollections of an intrinsic sense of place. I work in series, forging collections of filtered responses.  My work is thrown on the wheel using different clays and firing ranges

My current body of vessels references my childhood, spent in the midst of the splendour of North Yorkshire. They question the notion of scale.  I achieve this by balancing volume, proportion and the outline of a piece, juxtaposing a flat hard edge against a rounder softer surface.  This creates tensions between the clarity of the form and the finish of the piece.  I often add coloured oxide grogs which imbue a sense of permanence and longevity.  The desire to juxtapose a sense of quiet with rougher surfaces has filtered down through many influences, including; Ruth Duckworth, Carlo Zauli and Claudi Casanovas.

Details and dimensions uploading soon.

For more information, or to purchase any artwork, please call 01872 530505

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