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Karen lives and works on the Roseland Peninsular in Cornwall and in particular has an affection for the far west coast of Cornwall, 'I gain much inspiration from the wild and untamed coastline and the rich history of the mining industry. I also have a particular passion for science and nature, be it deep space or microbiology, this often creeps into my work'.

Karen McEndoo was born in Carshalton in Surrey but her early life was spent in Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia) which has had a tremendous influence on her work, inspired particularly by the rich colours, designs and music around her and memories of the smell of the scorched earth after the first rains.

Her influences also include the works of Sandra Blow, Peter Lanyon, Roger Hilton, Joan Eardley, Antoni Tapies, and Linda Vachon to name quite a few.

Karen McEndoo CV

For more information, or to purchase any artwork, please call 01872 530505

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