item6David Wiseman LG

“My larger works on canvas are made in the studio and I also work directly from the landscape with a variety of mixed media on smaller works on paper. I also work on larger works on paper in the studio. Although spending a lot of time in Devon and the south coast I am equally inspired by the local rivers and parklands close to my Ealing home. My paintings are begun in a loose freely drawn calligraphic way, using a wide variety of brushes, rollers, scrapers, sponges etc. The final image being extracted in a playful organic way using overlaid marks and glazes to express qualities in nature such as mood, light, colour, atmosphere. I want to convey a feeling of change and movement in the landscape and for the paintings to be intriguing, tantalising and ambiguous held between the pure plastic qualities of the paint and all the celebratory, magical illusions and evocations of the depiction of nature”

David Wiseman Biog

For more information, or to purchase any artwork, please call 01872 530505

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