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item2Clare Haward

I have always felt drawn to figurative painting, but having navigated my way through a Fine Art degree in which any form of painting was ‘dead’ and conceptualism was the accepted practice, I spent a number of years unsure of how to reconcile my interests with what my education had instilled in me. After a decade working in Arts Administration and Community Arts and pursuing my creative interests in evening classes, a fortunate set of circumstances led me to Israel, where I discovered the Jerusalem Studio School. There I found a community of figurative painters with whom I shared the same motivations and painterly ambitions. Undertaking the intensive Masterclass in Jerusalem and attending the summer schools in Civita Castellana, Italy, I was finally felt able to paint from nature and began to develop a practice that I truly cared about.

Since returning to London and setting up my own studio in 2015, I have been predominantly exploring the possibilities of painting through the genres of Still Life and Landscape. Gathering objects, moving them around until they begin to react to one another, placing them in different lighting conditions and finding different focal points are all part of my still life process. Similarly, in the landscape, observing the scene as it is affected by light and shadow, or by varying atmospheric conditions, I seek a motif that goes beyond the picturesque, that offers me a sense of a place that exists in its entirety only within that moment. My works are often relatively small, allowing for short intensive studies that contain the essence of direct experience.

The relationship between seemingly unrelated objects and their environments, and the uncanny qualities that are discovered when nature is truly observed are a key motivation in my work. My paintings are increasingly taking on a psychological dimension beyond their formal structure, and I realise that in reproducing the world around me, I am also reproducing the world that is within me.


Clare Haward CV

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