item1Bridget Macklin

I find my clay in the side of a river; in the excavation of a hole; at the edge of a car park. I then work it into porcelain. The whiteness of the porcelain hints at fragility and value and contrasts with the material in my found material within which minerals colour the work.

Whilst the inside of the vessels is glazed, which helps to draw out the colours, the exterior is polished and waxed. This gives the vessels a unique lustre and makes them feel extremely sensuous.

My most recent work has been made using material left behind by the Cornish mining industry of the past centuries. Tin and Copper oxides are often used in ceramics. Tin gives a glaze its opacity, copper is an important colouring oxides. Cornwall was once important for the extraction of both these and many other metals. Making use of the mining waste material has resulted in some spectacular pieces.

We are currently creating a new gallery page for Bridget.

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