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"I use drawing as a way of documenting a place and a way of locating myself.

The best paintings for me show you something you haven’t seen before; it’s about the artist finding a new way of describing something but allowing the viewer to come to some of their own conclusions.

For me it was just about looking at what was around me rather than trying to find something beyond that. I’m someone who observes the world around me and my landscape gives me lots of opportunities to explore all kinds of things. I’m not trying to tell the viewer what to think but maybe get them to become aware. I’m trying to show them something beyond of what it is. "

Daniel's work has mainly been about the urban landscape using the city as a starting point to explore formal issues of geometry and colour that hover between abstraction and figuration. The paintings have evolved from a pictorial landscape tradition, working directly from observation to create a sense of place and space using a strong personal colour palette.

In 2011 Daniel was Artist in Residence and visiting Professor at IIFA, Modinigar, India. Daniel was also Artist in Residence at Kensington Palace in 2008-09

Daniel lives and works in London. He studied at Chelsea School of Art 1988 – 89, the Slade School of Fine Art 1989 – 93 and the Princes Drawing School 2006 – 07. Daniel was elected to the London Group in 2006.

Daniel Preece CV

For more information, or to purchase any artwork, please call 01872 530505

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